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Sunday, 21 May 2017

National Trust Buffoonery Pt I

I was recently asked why myself and Andy rarely smile in photos. Speaking for myself, I get self conscious and Andy has two settings: straight faced or clown.

As a reference point, this is Andy.
This is the man I married.

This is also the man I married. 
And this, this is what I have to put up with.

Petworth House

Mottisfont Abbey

Hinton Ampner

Polesden Lacey


Every time.

And today is his birthday and we're off to a motor museum!

Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's bluebell time!

I just love bluebells, but they're so hard to photograph successfully. What looks gloriously vibrant with the eye is all too often lost through a camera, which is endlessly frustrating.

There is a bluebell wood near to us, so we headed off for a look on Easter Monday. I wasn't in the best of mind sets as I'd just had my accident and then found I had a black eye as well as a bump on the head. I also had to wear my flat shoes which aesthetically I hate. They were the only ballet flats which were made of synthetic material that didn't have studs or some other nonsense on them, so when it came time for new shoes, they were my only option. I am now back in the ones I got the new ones to replace, even if they do have a hole in the sole. No, no idea why I didn't throw the holey ones away, maybe because they are absurdly comfy.

Anyway, I was tired and just getting over being ill too. Shortly into the walk, a collie named Pickwick completely freaked out because of my jacket and started barking madly at me. Really he did. The owner told me it was my jacket! But after realising I wasn't scary, he came for strokes, so all was well. Until ...

My poor feet hurt like the devil (stupid shoes).
It was uphill initially, as Andy took us the wrong way and if you believe nothing else about a Melanie, then believe this: they do not like uphill.
I had sticks and leaves in my shoes.
I lost a shoe.
I got a hole in my stocking.
I walked into the branch of a holly tree and hit my head (the neighbours who looked after me after my accident, and Andy were joking that when left alone I should be wrapped up in bubble wrap ... I am beginning to suspect they might be right).
I got a bruise and scrapes on my thigh when trying to clamber over a fallen tree.
Then to top it all off, we took a wrong turn and had to walk down a dual carriageway back to the car.

But, onto the loveliness.

The South Downs.

Butser Hill

The bluebells were magnificent! They also smelt divine.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Architecture Tart Tuesday: Portsmouth Brutalism

When I was going through my photo files, I saw this and instantly knew someone who follows my blog would love it. I then found it was featured on the brutalism website and absolutely knew my hunch was correct.

This is the Norrish Central Library, built in 1976 and designed by Ken Norrish. I found this on line - "In 1996, the Victoria Park conservation area established in 1973 was extended to cover the entire Guildhall Square including the Norrish Central library, so unlike the tragic Tricorn Centre this brutalist masterpiece will not come under threat of demolition any time soon."

It is a building I have always known, coming from Portsmouth as I do. It was always around and I had many a trip there as a child as it wasn't my local library, but one my mother would take my sister to.

I shall definitely go back and do a proper photo shoot of the place.
Andy's due a haircut so I can go then.

The steep stairs which lead up to the library.
(there are shallower ones right next door, which is odd)

These lie at the foot of the stairs and remind me very well of the play equipment behind the 1960's town house I grew up in and the playground equipment in my first school. No soft bark ground there, it was concrete floor and concrete play equipment and like it! Concrete Henge if you like.

Speaking of the Tricorn Centre (RIP dear building) ...

The times I crossed this very road, at this very point ...

I got off a bus here as a child and promptly fell over a bollard!
Funny what you remember!

And see the sign? "Tricorn down! Portsmouth up!"
What's there now you may ask? A carpark.
Portsmouth also knocked down a beautiful old cinema in the nineties and there is nothing there to this day but rubble hiding behind fences.

This, this is all that's left.

A neighbouring building and I'm struggling to recall if the Tricorn reached this.

I have some Tricorn pictures from way back when myself and my friend of the time would spend ridiculous amounts of time exploring the then disused building. We were frequently shooed away by security. They were all taken with a cheap snapshot film camera, I'll see if I can find them ...

... found some! Unfortunately, I never had the foresight to get a picture of the entire structure, but it was difficult considering how big it was and how surrounded it was. I also never thought they would demolish it. I purposely avoided the area when I knew the demolition was taking place, made easier since I had moved away, but it still saddens me.

Aww look at baby Melanie!
I'm wearing a vintage jacket by the way.

Again, wearing the vintage jacket and a vintage mini dress which barely covers my bum!

My partner in crime.

Vintage hot pants and vintage fake fur. I also know I was wearing a vintage diamante necklace!
This is the result of watching Pulp, Suede and Manic Street Preachers videos!

The only vintage I'm wearing here is the white men's shirt I was wearing.

Other shots, more messing around in The Tricorn.

Vintage jacket.
60ft Dolls t-shirt.
Vintage velvet flares and £1.99 plimsolls!

I'm struggling to recall if that building in the background was part of The Tricorn in any way.

I have oodles and oodles of other photos, we were there all the time. Every Tuesday my friend would collect me, we would head into town, using the aforementioned crossing above, then we'd go to HMV and look at the new singles, go on to Woolworths where we would get a pot of tea for two, then we'd head to the Tricorn and take endless photos! I find it so sad that the Tricorn is gone, HMV has gone and Woolworths too. Consequently, I don't like to go to this part of Portsmouth anymore.