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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flamingo Girl

On mothers day we went to visit my mother but she didn't answer the door, which sounds bad, but I should clarify that she didn't answer the door as they don't have a doorbell and they were in the garden. But, rather than try the door and let ourselves in, we hopped back in the car and set off on a drive to find somewhere nice to enjoy the picnic we'd packed.

This was our picnic view. Pretty isn't it. I love the south of England.

It was somewhat windy and I got rather windswept.
A note about curly hair. I love my curls with a passion but have to admit that when curly hair doesn't want to play ball, it will go all out to fight you. Myself and my curls - constant battle of wills!

I decided to combine as many flamingos as I could manage into one outfit on this day, because I thought it was way overdue. I wore my charity shopped orange and pink chiffon scarf in my hair, flamingo stud earrings and my me made jacket with the flamingo brooch my sister got me for my birthday. I might have named it Ralph.

Add to that my flamingo cardigan and flamingo skirt with a Hell Bunny belt, eBay petticoat and my patent heels. My flamingo handbag was also with me but that was in the car.
And yes, I was sinking into the grass! Practical shoes for grassy countryside? Nooo, not when you have patent shoes to wear.

I think I need more flamingos in this outfit though, I'm thinking it isn't quite enough.
I think flamingo shoes would finish this look off nicely. And maybe a necklace. And a charm for my bracelet.

We passed this verge of beautiful flowers on the way home.

* * *

In other news, we're starting to get information through regarding this years London to Brighton Classic Car Run! I mentioned to Andy that it would be fun just after last years event was over, so we signed up for email alerts for when this years signing up started.

We entered Meirionwen in January, on the day sign ups started and are now getting emails and letters through, as the event is in June, so that's exciting ... and daunting, as I am Navigator Extraordinaire! They are the words of the organiser, not me. Andy contacted them about me getting a namecheck somewhere in proceedings, as currently it's just driver and car who get name checked, never mind she who has to get those two there. Mind you, with my sense of direction, we may end up somewhere completely different! Anyway, the organiser got back to us and said I shall be listed as Navigator Extraordinaire in the guide book ...

There's also a best period dressed competition, but after the Tilford saga, when there were very few people dressed up and we lost to a couple in uniforms, I am not hopeful. I believe I shall be wearing the same thing as I did then though, as I have a fascinator style hat for that outfit and otherwise would have to make one as I really, really want to wear a hat.

Unless that is, I can make my vintage Harrods pillbox hat work with my green dress that I wore on Drive It Day. I just had a play and not only is the hat in question moulting but it's also at odds with my today, very wild hair, so again, I am not hopeful! Better the hat you know, than the hat you haven't worn since you had longer hair and have no idea how to wear it with shorter hair.
I'm now wondering if I have any green ribbon so I can make a matching hat for the green dress ...

Interestingly, the two dresses are the same style, but for some reason, the green one looks more voluminous in the skirt area and therefore more fifties, while the leopard seems to fit more for early sixties, before the decade became the sixties and Meirionwen is from 1963, so Andy thinks I should tone the skirtage down a tad.

Phooey, now I don't know what to wear. I was all set for leopard but now have a green dress hankering.

Also, I shall be wearing different shoes as I still haven't had my kitten heels re-heeled. When was that Tilford event that I lost the tappity part of my heel? September and still I haven't taken them to the cobblers.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

New In Folly Bird's Nest

There have been a small handful of newcomers to the nest of late, so I thought I would round it all up in one post.

Scarf from Mim!
I have worn this pretty much every time I have been out and worn my heavier winter jacket.
I have some weird affliction with my neck and shoulder, and have done for years. Every single thing that touches my skin there hurts, not irritates, hurts, and this scarf shields my delicate skin wonderfully.
Thank you again Mim!

And yes, the duvet cover does have bunnies on it!

Peignoir from Vix at Kinky Melon.
Oops, creasy-a-go-go!
I love vintage nightwear and have yet to be caught off guard and had to answer the door in some flammable little number. I can just imagine Andy's workmates reaction (he's a postie if you didn't know) if I did answer the door in a nylon ensemble with my diamante trimmed mules to take in a parcel!
Anyway, as this is just the peignoir and not a matching set, I want to make a black chiffon baby doll nightie to wear underneath as the red will be just too difficult to match!

Carniival glass cups.
I have two of these ornate beauties, given to me by my friend Rachel. Aren't they incredible!
I'm wondering if they were punch cups.
I have now run out of room in my glass cabinet, which really gives me the excuse to have a second, surely.

Dorian 💖
I have another copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray!
I saw a company were pulping classic book covers and once I saw this, I knew I had to have it!
Isn't the cover fun! I also love the blue edging to the pages.
I waited a ridiculous time for this to arrive, as it sat in order placed mode for five days, then was dispatched just short of the Easter weekend and when it did turn up I was concussed and not in the frame of mind to read.

My new to me shoes which are ridiculously comfortable. I can walk to town in them easily. Take a turn around the supermarket, though tile floors are a little hairy, as I don't have much grip! I even walked up the long gravel drive to Uppark in them and around the house too.

I go and see Meirionwen in them also. See.
See that I also look like I am fifty feet tall.

Attack of the Fifty Foot Folly Bird!
The only thing that can stop her is a flopsy eared bunny rabbit!

Belle. The floppity eared bunny who caused my concussion.

But I am not, very good at running in them. I discovered this when opening a barn door and the wind caught it like a sail and pushed me along, fast. I had to jump over a lump of concrete with a humungous door pushing me faster than was comfortable. I almost got squished against a brick wall like a character from an ACME cartoon.

They cost me the grand sum of £7.55. Very random price, but I wasn't complaining.

They were unmarked on the sole but looked a little worse for wear on the actual patent parts, but I know patent marks easily and think they were purchased, found uncomfortable by the previous owner and then thrown in with other things or something, as they have indentation marks here and there, but their loss in my gain as they are, as I said, so comfortable!

Except for the day I wore them after I had been taken for a walk to a local bluebell wood (post coming soon!) and was forced into my ballet flats ... I was also a wee bit concussed, so it was a safer bet that I wore flat shoes.

Those pesky flat shoes all but crippled me! I have very narrow feet and they were always threatening to fall off, were rubbing up and down and when I tried to return to my heels, the damage had been done and I was unable to actually walk properly and was housebound without shoes for the rest of the week as I had blisters on the balls of my feet

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drive It Day

23rd April was Drive It Day, an event organised by The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs which exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road.

A club we belong to, was organising a gathering at a hotel where they have weekly meets and then a processional drive to Selsey in West Sussex, to meet up with another car club. Of course, we wanted to take Meirionwen along to such an event.

We collected her the previous evening so she was here ready and then headed off to the hotel, where we caught up with the other members who we haven't seen since last September. Oops! I barely had a chance to look around as I was first cornered by an elderly gent who was raving about my outfit and how women of today actually BUY ripped jeans and what a disgrace it was! Then I was caught up chatting to another man who wanted to know all about Meirionwen and then another man who was interested in trading in his classic car for a Gilbern GT. People see Meirionwen, they covet her and then they want a GT too!

Next thing I know, a man is approaching me to ask if we were going on the processional drive and looking around, we realised most everyone had already gone and it was just us, a white 1958 Cadillac, a lovely white 1938 (I believe) Ford Popular and a red 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider left that were heading that way.

So we got a move on and the Ford led the way. Well we hoped he was leading the way, as the Cadillac was following him too and the Spider was following us! I had visions of him going home with a trail of cars in his wake! Turned out he was going there, but took us all on a detour.

Here's the Cadillac and the Alfa Romeo and then us, once we were there.
The Alfa overtook and slipped in in front of us on the way.

Our intrepid leader, the Ford. Stunning isn't it!
The Land Rover was an on the way interloper!

I must say though, it was fun going along in a little line of classic cars! It was a bit hairy when we got to Selsey though, as the Ford got through the small gap in the queue of traffic no problem, but then the huge Cadillac had to do it too.

It was actually pretty cold there, being on the coast, but thankfully I had my jacket. Here are some more pictures!

Me and a Thunderbird

What might have been ... an MG Magnette. This is what we were in the market for when looking for a classic car.

What was.
I saw Meirionwen and the rest is history!

Onto the outfit!
A very nice lady pointed me out to her daughter and described my outfit as classic vintage glamour, adding that I looked lovely.
I again got asked if I went to the Goodwood Revival, because of, you know, how I dress and I again explained that I dress like this all the time.

What I wore:

Green vintage chiffon hair scarf - gift from Curtise,
Diamante hairclip attached to scarf - gift
Faux pearl earrings - retail
Prescription sunglasses
Black swing jacket - gift from Andy
Vintage Aurora Borealis brooch - charity shop
Dress - Lindy Bop
Belt - Hell Bunny
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - charity Shop
Flamingo handbag - gift
Gloves - retail

This is Annie! We saw her and her custodian at the garage getting petrol at the same time as us and pretty much followed her all the way to the hotel. I believe she's a Ford.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Vintage Bentleys

Near to us is a vintage Bentley garage. We often stop to ogle them through the window.
Andy was tipped off by our Morgan owning neighbour, that they were having an open day and afterwards, the cars were going on in procession to Goodwood Motor Circuit.

We didn't get to the garage open morning, but we did mange to get ourselves and Meirionwen to Goodwood to see the Bentleys.

Most of these are racing Bentleys!
Can you just picture them careering around a race track?

Gorgeous Jaguar too.

And my goodness, what a glorious day it was! Look! No cardigan! I'd say it was bordering on being quite hot.
I wore a me made dress, my patent heels, Hell Bunny belt, vintage gloves and hair scarf and my daisy cardigan.

The cars were plentiful and so beautiful!

This though, was my favourite. So, so regal!

We pottered about, looked at the cars, chatted to people who were admiring Meirionwen, watched the cars (not the Bentleys) going around the circuit for a bit, then went for a walk before having our picnic.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Film Friday: Breakfast at Tiffanys 1961

Today on Film Friday: Breakfast at Tiffany's from 1961.

I love this film and even channelled Holly at the Goodwood Revival one year.
My, I was a Skinny Minnie back then!

A lonely, struggling writer becomes enchanted with his neighbour: an independent young woman who strives to be a high-climbing socialite with a penchant for high-fashion and wild parties. But, soon he uncovers the vulnerability she has at heart.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a 1961 American romantic comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and written by George Axelrod, loosely based on Truman Capote's novella of the same name. Starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, and featuring Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, and Mickey Rooney, the film was initially released on October 5, 1961 by Paramount Pictures.

Audrey Hepburn's salary for the film was $750,000, making her the highest paid actress per film at the time.

Holly Golightly wears the same dresses all the way through the movie, simply changing the accessories to give each outfit a different look. Her black shift dress features through the movie at least four times.

Holly Golightly is supposed to be just nineteen years old when she meets with Paul. Audrey Hepburn was thirty-one years old when playing Holly.

Although it's never explained why Holly is wearing a bed sheet at her cocktail party, an earlier scene (cut before release) established she'd been taking a bath and had to improvise a gown on the spur of moment. The cut scene was featured in Life magazine pictorial shortly before film was released.

Did you know ...Tiffany's opened its doors on a Sunday for the first time since the 19th century so that filming could take place inside the store.


Is this a film you enjoy?