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Monday, 12 February 2018

I Can Wear A Rainbow ...

If there are three things I'm most readily associated with in the world of blogging, they are hair scarves, bunnies and flamingos.

Hairscarves, see:

(inconvenient meeting of hair and hanging basket)

Unlike flamingos and bunnies, the hair scarves are unfortunately becoming harder to find. The most I have ever paid was £3 and the least 20p. Upon entering charity shops, as it's just not worth the root around for vintage clothing in our charity shops (the best you could hope to see is the odd 70s maxi or shiny 80s dresses). So, I always make a beeline first to the scarves, then the nightwear, then the  handbags. I move on to have a look for gloves and then lastly it's the glassware*. 

My first scarves were two red ones and a yellow one, which belonged to my Nan. Nan-me-downs as I call them. I believe I have found half a dozen on my lonesome: one long strip scarf (the others are all squares) for £3 in Chichester. Four all together in an Isle of Wight charity shop for £1.50 each and a lone rumpled one in the bottom of a basket of scarves in a teeny charity shop near us for 20p. The rest were gifts from various lovely bloggers: Vix, Curtise and Loo. I have only ever left one behind in a charity shop and that was a red one, as I already had two red, and the red of the one I found was identical to one I already had.

This is my collection of hair scarves.
So pretty all together.

And this pale pink one on the left is a new arrival to my rainbow of scarves. A gift last October from lovely Vix (the darker pink next door was one of the gifts from Curtise).
I always get excited when I welcome a new scarf into the fold. The yellow one with gold thread was one of my nan's.

I do still see coloured glass, it's one vintage item that I still see relatively cheaply, so it kills me to have to leave so much behind as currently I don't have the room to accommodate it to its best advantage (coloured glass begs to be kept in a glass cabinet and though I have been given the okay to have a new cabinet in which to store further prettiness, unfortunately the only place a new cabinet would fit at present is where our armchair sits, and with that gone, we only have a two seat sofa ... it's not though, as if we have many visitors ;) ). I am still haunted by the dinky pink glass tea set, the set of 1950's shot glasses in atomic holder and the set of amber fish plates. Let us not speak of the carnival glass jug either, or that will move me on to the vast array of carnival glass I saw just before Christmas.  I swear I could have filled another cabinet in one go with what I stumbled across.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Handbags at Dawn ...

This is my new handbag. Isn't it pretty. I saw it in a Dogs Trust charity shop for £5 and walked away.
I left it behind as I didn't think Andy would be amused if I came home with another handbag, but it played on my mind.

I made the decision to treat myself as I was feeling utterly wretched after Bob went away.

As I don't generally have a lot of luck when it comes to finding goodies in charity shops, I'm only surprised it was still there when I went back a week later, but then even Andy said that women carry around far more than would fit in a bag this size these days.

I love the detailing along the top by the clasp.

It was made in The Republic of Ireland.
The lining is a shiny satin type fabric.

I thought you might want to see some other bags I have. This is just a small smattering of what I have ...

You all know my flamingo bag:

1950s coin purse. I assume this was my nan's.

Two little clutch bags.

I want to say 1970s?

Modern but with a vintage feel.


Also vintage ...

The star of the show! 1950's scrumptiousness which I am too scared to take out.
I went out with it once, to the dentist and the dental nurse was in awe of it. I am in awe of it. I am also so scared it will get damaged.

I have other vintage bags which I really should photograph. I have a fantastic boxy little Quant-esque four quarter bag and a wonderful bright red shoulder bag which I took around when I was sixties obsessed.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fats Domino

RIP Fats
(February 26, 1928 – October 24, 2017)

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the wonderful Fats Domino; he was one of my absolute favourites. 

My favourite song of his.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Thoroughly Mid Century Modern

Andy went to have his hair cut by his rockabilly barber, Mark, on Tuesday. I usually go along, but I wasn't feeling that well, so decided I would stay behind with the bunnies. When Andy returned home, he said he had a surprise for me and after handing me a bar of chocolate, said he had another for me too. I waited patiently while he went back to the car. He returned, with this!

A gift from Mark, who was getting rid of some things! He thought I might like it.

I was over the moon! Could it be any more evocative of the 1950's? The splayed legs, the pattern on the base table and the chalky pastels on the tiered tables just scream the era!

My favourite pink even features.

Obviously it was just on the bed for photographic purposes. We're going to have a shuffle around at the weekend and make room for it in the living room. It will have to sit on top of something, in pride of place mind you, as, you know ... bunnies.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Giftage and An Outfit Post

While washing up the other day, I saw a Parcel Force van pull up. For a moment I thought, please be in, I don't want to take in packets for the neighbours as all too often, it's the same places and they either don't come for their packet, we have to go to them, or it's for the people who completely blank us. Good enough to take in your parcels, but not good enough to say hello when we're right outside? No, I don't want any part of that nonsense. Manners cost nothing.

Anyway, there was a knock on our door straight away and I was handed a packet. I could not think why it was being delivered here, unless it was a late birthday gift for Andy, but no, it was for me! From Ann!

I had been looking through the telly listings when I saw a mini documentary (5 minutes long) was being shown, about the Brussels Expo '58 event, and mentioned it to Ann, who had done two blog posts about the event, which I loved. She was kind enough to offer to send me a book and DVD of Expo 58!

She also sent me a beautiful pale green scarf. Greens and purples together make me very happy, it's a favourite colour combination of mine. I also like fuchsia and emerald green.

There was also a bird brooch, which is so delicate! I love it. Andy commented that it looks Christmassy. It's the gold bird right in the middle of the picture.

These brooches are a combination of childhood ones (the butterfly, Golly, Bambi and the blue one), gifts, inherited and lucky finds in charity shops, vintage emporiums and the antique shop I strike gold in regularly.

There was also a flamingo card. Thank you so much Ann, you're an angel xxx

I thought I would also, while I'm here, and while I was remembering to take photos (but while I was also forgetting to take pictures of the card and Expo items!) show the gloves I got for Christmas from my mum and step dad. Aren't they pretty. They're brand new Dents gloves and it's a shame, but they're just a smidge loose, but I have small hands and slender fingers, so it was inevitable. They're certainly wearable though.

A quick outfit to end with. I have tried to get outfit shots for my blog on numerous occasions, but seem to have been left with endless photos of myself that I just don't like, most likely to do with having two months of being terribly poorly, with no break between episodes, merely an overlap, making me feel twice as terrible. I look worn down and tired most of the time.
I have but two photos to share.

Black vintage hair scarf - gift from Vix
Polka dot Western style blouse - retail, had for a few years now
Belt - Hell Bunny
Circle Skirt - Lindy Bop
Petticoats x 2 - eBay, two because they have lost oomph
Ballet Flats - retail, they have a hole in the sole but are better than the newer ones I have

I then went out in this outfit, with my heels on and got myself two compliments from people on the street, so that made me feel a bit better about everything :)

Friday, 26 May 2017

B-Movie Madness: The Thing From Another World 1951

Today's b-movie is 1951's The Thing From Another World.
It stars Kenneth Tobey, seen previously in It Came From Beneath The Sea

Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost.

 Close-ups of "The Thing" were removed. It was felt that the make-up could not hold up to close scrutiny. However, the lack of close-ups gave the creature a more mysterious quality.

 The scene in which The Thing is doused with kerosene and set ablaze is believed to be the first full body burn accomplished by a stunt man.

  James Arness plays The Thing ...

... but he is difficult to recognize in costume and makeup due to both low lighting and other effects used to obscure his features. He reportedly regarded his role as so embarrassing that he didn't attend the premiere. He also complained that his "Thing" costume made him look like a giant carrot.

Rawr! Beware the carrot!

When producer Howard Hawks attempted to get insurance for the creature, five insurance companies turned him down because "The Thing" was to be frozen in a block of ice, hacked by axes, attacked by dogs, lit on fire, and electrocuted.


Did I like this?
No. No I didn't.
I was bored, distracted and only watched the whole thing so I could see The Thing.
I also didn't like any of the characters and I think you need to at least like the characters in a film (or book) to give you the incentive to continue.

And that brings us to the end of another of Melanie's stellar b-movie reviews 😉

Friday, 12 May 2017

B-Movie Madness: It Came From Outer Space 1953

"Then at a deadly pace
It came from outer space ..."

A spaceship from another world crashes in the Arizona desert, and only an amateur stargazer and a schoolteacher suspect alien influence when the local townsfolk begin to act strangely.
Originally shown in 3D.

Author and amateur astronomer John Putnam (Richard Carlson) and schoolteacher Ellen Fields (Barbara Rush) watch a large meteorite crash near the small town of Sand Rock, Arizona. They awaken a neighbor, who has a helicopter, and all three fly to the crash site.

Putnam climbs down into the crater and notices a partially buried round object in the crater's pit. He comes to the realization, after he sees a six-sided hatchway close, that this isn't a meteorite but a large alien spaceship. The hatchway's noise starts a landslide that completely buries the craft. Putnam's story is later scoffed at by Sand Rock's sheriff (Charles Drake) and the local news media.

Even Ellen Fields is unsure about what to believe but still agrees to assist Putnam in his investigation. Over the next several days, local people disappear; a few return, but they act distant or appear somewhat dazed.

Convinced by these and other odd events, Sheriff Warren comes to believe Putnam's story that the meteorite is actually a crashed spaceship with alien inhabitants; he then organizes a posse to hunt down the invaders at their crash site. Putnam, however, hopes to reach a peaceful solution to the looming crisis.

Alone, he enters a nearby abandoned mine, which he hopes will eventually connect to the now buried spaceship and its alien occupants.

Putnam finally discovers the spaceship and learns from its crew that they crashed on Earth by accident; the aliens appear benign and only plan to stay on Earth just long enough to repair their damaged craft and then continue on their voyage.

The aliens' real appearance, when finally revealed to Putnam, is entirely non-human: they are large, single-eyed, jelly fish-like beings that seem to glide across the ground, leaving a glistening trail that soon vanishes. They are also able to shape shift into human form using a telepathy screen in order to appear human and move around, unobserved, in order to collect their much needed repair materials.

To do this, they copy the human forms of the local townspeople they've secretly kidnapped to help them repair their crippled spacecraft. In doing so, however, they fail to reproduce the townspeople's exact personalities, leading to suspicion and eventually to the deaths of two of the aliens ...

Did you know ... This was one of the few American films from the 1950s to place its credits at the end rather than at the beginning.


This has been my favourite by far to date (that didn't feature Grant Williams *cough*).
I really enjoyed this one, so if you see it on, give it a go!