Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Calendar Girls

Meirionwen is quite the looker isn't she!

2nd July was the Gilbern National Day so off we went with Meirionwen, our 1963 Gilbern GT to Weston Super Mare, where the south west group were putting on the event.

The journey there was a three and a half hour drive on the b-roads of the south of England, which was all rather pleasant; I just love the south of England. Brian, the man we purchased Meirionwen from, said his Saturday journey on the motorways had taken him just as long.

I must admit though, I did get rather stressed as we reached Weston Super Mare, as we got a little lost. Suddenly we saw another Gilbern, so set to following that as they were obviously going the same place as us, but then another car started pointing frantically at us and we feared something was amiss. Leaving the other Gilbern, we pulled in at a retail park, where we checked her over. Nothing. We could find nothing wrong, so maybe the other driver just liked Meirionwen.

Eventually we found the Royal Hotel and my it was lovely! Right on the seafront in a sunken garden in the hotel grounds and we got a lovely reception as we drove in. People flocked to see Meirionwen once we had parked up.

We also got a goodie bag containing amongst other things, a lump of Cheddar cheese (being that we were in Somerset and all). This amused me no end! Last year it was shortbread biscuits in the shape of Gilbern GT's and, because we were in Wales, a Welsh slate coaster.

Andy had decided he wanted to photograph all the GT's in attendance, so while I chatted to other owners (and got photographed by a man from the hotel), he set off ...

He hadn't quite got to grips with my camera at this point!

This is quite an important car apparently, reached 125mph on some road test or some such thing! It belongs to Brian who I mentioned earlier. It arrived on a trailer and was purchased from Holland recently.

The lovely hotel.
I adore the sweeping sun room, if that's what it was. It's so 1930's.

Brian's wife Carol snapped this picture of us together.

My it was hot, but such beautiful weather and it kicked off Andy's holiday wonderfully. We didn't get a chance to go on the beach as we arrived late, had lunch in 'Poons next door, then after chatting to other custodians, it was soon enough time to go and we had to leave the hotel grounds.

And as for the title of this post?
Well look who made it to the 2018 calendar!
It's me and Meirionwen!

It is odd to know that we're going to be hanging on people's walls for the month of may, hehe. May is also Andy's birth month, so that's an added bonus.
I kept getting recognised as I wandered round, "You're in the calendar!" people were saying! Famous!


  1. Congratulations making the calendar.
    Perhaps the person pointing recognised you, and was enjoying a brush with fame.

  2. Congratulations to you and Meirionwen for making it in the calender! How fabulous to see all those amazing cars together. The hotel looks pretty fabulous too. Such a sweet photo of you and Andy, and how cute is that basket you are carrying? xxx

  3. Lovely setting, and a lovely calendar shot too. I had no idea there was such an attractive art deco hotel in Weston.

  4. Check you out in the calendar- you are a genuine pin up! Meirionwen is looking all demure in that picture.
    I'm glad you had a nice time and got there in one piece!!x

  5. How cool is that? Glad to hear you had such a good day.

  6. What an honour, being a calendar girl. that's a gorgeous photo and a lovely one of you and Andy, too!
    Did you see the vintage swimming cossies in Spoons? We loved them! xx


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