Monday, 22 May 2017

Take Another Look, Sonny, It's Gonna Happen Again!

It's been quiet as quiet can be here really.
I have been consuming episodes of Twin Peaks for a while now, as I had never seen it before, not properly anyway, I think I got a little way into series one when I tried before.
So it's been all Twin Peaks and domesticity here.

I knew that with the imminent airing of the new series of Twin Peaks (it aired here at 2am! Must be in sync with the US), that I would be intrigued enough to wish I had seen the original series, so as Sky had it as one of their offered boxsets, I downloaded it to the HD box and dove right in!

I asked Andy if he wanted to watch too and he said no. Now of course that I have finished it, he's pulled 'An Andy'* and wants to see it, so we have a deal. I'll watch the original series (again) with him and will watch the new series as it's aired, but won't delete them, so he can watch those straight off the back of the original series. 

I really enjoyed it, though the final episode got right inside my head and stayed there. Not good for someone who doesn't sleep well and will lie awake imagining all sorts.
A cloudy eyed Laura Palmer running at me screaming through the dark? Yes, that was what I was envisioning at 3am.

My friend Tara asked me early on, as she was a huge fan, who my favourite character was.
I liked Agent Cooper, but he wasn't a favourite, but I was partial to Albert Rosenfield, the forensics specialist.
This is Albert.

But then, I was watching an episode and saw that David Lynch was going to be in it. "Oh really," I thought. And as I got lost in ideas of what sort of character he would play, right on cue, on screen came FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. Within two seconds I'd say, I had pinned him as my favourite. I found his character endlessly endearing and oh so likeable. I loved the scenes between him and Shelly, they were so sweet and this, this scene between Gordon and Dale cracked me up. 

I even got Andy interested in Gordon and ended up calling him in each time he was on screen. I think parts of it subliminally got in his head though, as he can often be found shouting "Coop!" at random times.

I was also very partial to Audrey Horne's clothes, especially in series two. Her fifties style dogs tooth jacket had me swooning!

* * *

Do you like Twin Peaks?
Who's your favourite character?

* 'An Andy':
Without fail, each time he says he isn't interested in a film or at times, a television programme, he will suddenly get interested half way through and I end up starting all over again so he can watch too.
Case in point: I asked last week if he was interested in a particular film I was a little on the fence about recording. He said absolutely not, in no way was he interested. So, I didn't record it and lo and behold, he stayed up one night and said film was on. He started watching, as it was in fact, apparently rather good, but he stopped midway in as he recognised it as the one I asked about and thought I was recording it. I wasn't.
I have now taken to purposely putting things he isn't interested in, on, when he's in the room and otherwise preoccupied, so he can, if he wants, get drawn in from the start. Sneaky!


  1. LOVE IT! I have been very good and only watched the first two new episodes so far, even though three and four are also available. I'm still dealing with my emotions after the conversations between Margaret and Hawk *sob*.

    Dan's favourite characters are Albert and Gordon too, I like Nadine. I know it's not going to come true but my dearest wish was that Shelly would dump Bobby and set up home with Gordon instead!

    1. I still haven't seen it, I have to wait for Andy to be out, but feel naughty abandoning domesticity to watch by day! He has band practice Thursday evening, so I'll watch it then. I also have the option of episodes three and four and a lot of extra little bits and bobs, but I shall be good and wait for the episodes till they're properly on ... she says!

      Huzzah for Albert and Gordon! Now you've planted a notion in my head, and I really want Shelley to dump Bobby for Gordon too, hehe! I bet there's TP fanfiction out there that deals with that scenario!

  2. I saw Twin Peaks when it was on the first time around, and I was addicted to all things Twin Peaks. I think I've even got the soundtrack CD somewhere, which was one of the first CD's I ever bought. I know, I am ancient ... But I never re-watched it, so I've forgotten quite a bit, couldn't even remember how it all ended. I do think I'll have to re-watch it before starting on the new series. Or even to tell you which is my favourite character. Apart from Agent Cooper, that is ... Oh, and even at the time I was very partial to Audrey's clothes. xxx

    1. It seems when it got people first time round, it really got them! I quite like the music on the series, it's so completely Twin Peaks. I find it very soothing. xxx

  3. I watched Twin Peaks the first time round in 1990 on my black and white portable TV in the crazy house I shared with 12 other people ...happy days!
    I doubt if we'll be watching the sequel as we only have Freeview. xxx

    1. I knew Lynch fans back in the nineties, but didn't even know what Twin Peaks was, I am as ever, late to the party! xxx

  4. I dressed as the Log Lady one year for Halloween-and no one knew who I was! I mean, I was carrying a log and telling people, "Why don't you ask my log" and they still didn't get it.

    That says something when people that know me don't bat an eye at me carrying a log about.

    1. Hehe, how funny! I went to a fancy dress do one year and wasn't even considered as a participant in the competition as people thought I wasn't dressed up, and I was! But a log, that's on a whole new level!

  5. I loved it first time round as did my Boss we were the only 2 at work watching it so I used to rush in the day after and we would have a long dissecting session! Not sure when I will see the new ones as I only have freeview.

    1. I realised the other day I didn't even know about it at the time, but then I lived at home and my nan dictated the telly schedule and I can guarantee she wouldn't have been a fan!


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