Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's bluebell time!

I just love bluebells, but they're so hard to photograph successfully. What looks gloriously vibrant with the eye is all too often lost through a camera, which is endlessly frustrating.

There is a bluebell wood near to us, so we headed off for a look on Easter Monday. I wasn't in the best of mind sets as I'd just had my accident and then found I had a black eye as well as a bump on the head. I also had to wear my flat shoes which aesthetically I hate. They were the only ballet flats which were made of synthetic material that didn't have studs or some other nonsense on them, so when it came time for new shoes, they were my only option. I am now back in the ones I got the new ones to replace, even if they do have a hole in the sole. No, no idea why I didn't throw the holey ones away, maybe because they are absurdly comfy.

Anyway, I was tired and just getting over being ill too. Shortly into the walk, a collie named Pickwick completely freaked out because of my jacket and started barking madly at me. Really he did. The owner told me it was my jacket! But after realising I wasn't scary, he came for strokes, so all was well. Until ...

My poor feet hurt like the devil (stupid shoes).
It was uphill initially, as Andy took us the wrong way and if you believe nothing else about a Melanie, then believe this: they do not like uphill.
I had sticks and leaves in my shoes.
I lost a shoe.
I got a hole in my stocking.
I walked into the branch of a holly tree and hit my head (the neighbours who looked after me after my accident, and Andy were joking that when left alone I should be wrapped up in bubble wrap ... I am beginning to suspect they might be right).
I got a bruise and scrapes on my thigh when trying to clamber over a fallen tree.
Then to top it all off, we took a wrong turn and had to walk down a dual carriageway back to the car.

But, onto the loveliness.

The South Downs.

Butser Hill

The bluebells were magnificent! They also smelt divine.


  1. I love everything about bluebells, the delicate little bells, the heavenly colour -
    indeed quite tricky to capture in a photograph - the very fact that they're such an intrinsic part of Spring. A bluebell carpeted wood is a thing of wonder and beauty. I love the photo of the South Downs, and how sweet is that one of those bluebells sheltered by the roots of that tree. Poor you, though: hitting your head (again!) and having to walk uphill. In those stupid shoes. xxx

  2. Oh dear, you've not had much luck recently with all these incidents! I go through phases of that kind of thing, let's hope yours is over for a while.

    Bluebells are indeed gorgeous but I've had trouble capturing them on camera properly too. x

  3. Oh no!! Poor you!! More injuries!! Your photos are gorgeous, I'm particularly enamored by the photo of the bluebells in front of the secret hole under the tree!!

  4. Oh your poor head (and feet).

    We don't have the right climate for bluebells, so I'm going to stare at the computer and enjoy yours.

  5. I love bluebells, our garden is full of them!
    Gorgeous photos, what a pretty spot.
    Sorry about all these mishaps. Take care! xxx

  6. The bluebells are lovely - but you don't need to bruise yourself to match them! Melanies are supposed to be pink, like flamingoes.


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