Thursday, 30 March 2017


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Hate them.
Despite looking horrible and being uncomfortable, the 'long' ones are frequently, not long.

Now, stockings.

Especially seamed stockings.

Yes please.

I love them.
I have even purchased a pair of nylons from a spiv.

Despite the pain of getting them straight in the first instance, I think there is something very special about a pair of seamed stockings.

I went to meet my friend from the train station the other day and wore my black ones. A teeny hole turned to a ladder by the time I had got there, despite a dab of clear nail polish.

So I arrived home with my feet looking like I had walked a mile in my stockinged feet.

I turned to the internet to find replacements. The first few places I went to, I was looking at reviews.
Frankly, this got me nothing other than the knowledge that self confessed 'tramps' wore them with micro mini skirts and men purchased them for wives for the bedroom.

I then moved on to the place I purchased my eight strap suspender belt. While looking at delivery charges, I saw something that puzzled me ...

... when, oh when, did it start that stockings were sent through the post in discreet packaging?

Such a shame that they have become a 'discreet packaged' item when purchased in some places online.

I won't be buying online I don't think, though trying to find them in department stores is also becoming difficult.


And two vintage suspender belts I own.
I don't wear them as they're for a 22" waist or something similarly teeny tiny.

Do you wear stockings?
Wear do you buy yours?


  1. I confess I wear both tights and stockings - tights for '60s looks (minidresses), and stockings for earlier looks. Tights I get from M&S (a size Large are actually long enough) and stockings I buy online (Stockings HQ or What Katie Did). I like seamed stockings but they do require a bit of time and patience to put on, and so most mornings when dashing off to work I grab tights instead. I love all the old stocking adverts, how utterly glamorous!

    1. I got large tights for winter once and astonishingly they reached just above my knees! Not M&S mind you, they were from Tu.

      I tend to wear plain unseamed stockings day to day, and leave seams for when I go somewhere other than to see Meirionwen in storage. I'll look in to What Katie did.

      Aren't the ads fantastic!

  2. You must, must, must try What Katie Did. There's nothing seedy or 'plain package' about the company - but real expertise and a passion for their products. It's my preferred choice for both fully fashioned and repro stockings - although I confess (sorry) that those are for special occasions and that I wear tights, including seamed, far more often. Karen x

    1. Thank you for the comment, I'll definitely check out What Katie Did x

  3. Love these vintage ads! I haven't worn stockings in so long, that I can't be helpful.

  4. That's funny, my favourite image is the one with the girl in green tights - I'm all about colour!
    The only time I feel the need to encase my legs in nylon is when I'm wearing a mini dress so it's bright opaques all the way. They last for ever (I've got a pair of TopShop ultraviolet ones I bought 11 years ago) and the descending crotch problem is no problem, I wear pants over the top - sexy, eh? xxx

    1. Steady on there Vix, you'll get everyone riled up with your superhero pants over tights look 😂 but if anyone can make that look good it's probably you! I used to wear micro mini skirts with black opaques, patent DM's and tight fitting hot pants under my skirts to save my blushes!

      Opaques were my go to once, but the coloured ones were never long enough so ended up looking terrible xxx

  5. I adore stockings, tights and pantyhose. All hosiery. I've celebrated seamed stockings in a few blog-posts. As the previous commenter says, What Katie Did is excellent. Good quality, good prices and no sleaze.

    The market for stockings is coming back as young women explore vintage fashion. As you know, though, it's very difficult to find them in dept. stores.

    1. What Katie Did is now on my to do list to peruse.

      I've tried every department stores site but the ones who do sell stockings, only seem to sell hold ups and I hate those things! I have got them easily from department stores in the past, but for whatever reason, I can't find them on their sites. Very odd.

  6. I must admit that I've never tried stockings, with our without seams. I do like the idea, but I'm one of those weird people who likes wearing tights. I do have seamed tights, though, which I buy from a local market stall or from C&A, who do a good range. But as I'm not very tall, I've never had problems with them being too short. Quite the opposite. Love all the vintage ads in your post. They just don't do ads like that anymore. xxx

  7. I tried stockings but I couldn't be arsed with all the faff. Having said that I do feel your pain on tights often not being long enough but on the whole I'm seamed fishnets all the way.

  8. I'm the same as Vix wearing knickers over the top of tights (or shorts) . Never worn stockings but I really don't like tights. I have tons of them but I've really not wanted to wear them much this year. xx


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