Saturday, 21 January 2017

B-Movie Madness: Earth Versus The Flying Saucers (1956)

Largely due to my early exposure to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and because I purchased a book about said film when I was ripe for obsession, I have always had a fascination with old science fiction.

Extraterrestrials traveling in high-tech flying saucers contact scientist Dr. Russell Marvin
as part of a plan to enslave the inhabitants of Earth.

I was thrilled to find over the Christmas period that many fifties and sixties science fiction films were being shown. Every single day there was one on it seemed.
Of course, now I have a taste for them and am actively searching them out.

Scientist Dr. Russell Marvin, played by Hugh Marlowe and his new bride Carol (Joan Taylor) are driving to work when a flying saucer appears overhead.

Overall, they seemed remarkably calm about this.
I can tell you this for nothing ... I would not be the same. I would panic, there would be hysterical tears and likely scrabbling for cameras in amongst all the squinty eyes and swiping of tears and blotting of noses.
Too much information there?

 This was the closest I saw to panic, when the saucer came over the front of their Ford Mercury.

Without proof of this encounter, other than an accidental tape recording of the ship's sound, Dr. Marvin is hesitant to notify his superiors. He is in charge of Project Skyhook, an American space program that has already launched 10 research satellites into orbit. Carol's father, General Hanley informs Marvin that many of the satellites have since fallen back to Earth.

Marvin admits that he has lost contact with all of them and privately suspects alien involvement. The Marvins then witness the 11th falling from the sky shortly after launch.

When a saucer lands at Skyhook the following day, oddly, nobody seems particularly phased by these extra terrestrial visitors ...

See. Just looking. No panic to be had here.
We are military and science type menfolk, we know not fear, only LOGIC!

and guns ...

 Finally the action you expect from a sci fi film! Aliens in metallic suits exit the saucer, prompting the military to open fire (huzzah for the military being predictable!)  

this results in the death of one alien, while others and the saucer are protected by a force field.

The aliens proceed to kill everyone at the facility but the Marvins

As to not give the plot away for those who might like to see this film too, there is running ...

And alien action a-plenty.

And did I enjoy this?
Yes, yes I did!

Did you know ... The scene of a "destroyer" blowing up is actually stock footage of the sinking of HMS Barham, which occurred on 25 November 1941. To not upset the British public, the Royal Navy decided to withhold an announcement until later; however, in late November 1941 a Scottish medium, Helen Duncan, who had heard of the sinking through a friend, disclosed the sinking during a seance. She was eventually tried under the British Witchcraft Act, the last person before it was repealed.


  1. Thanks for a super interesting post! Some of these remind me of what was out when I was a kiddo. Melanie, do you have an Instagram account?

    1. You're so welcome! And no, no I haven't, I don't have an iPhone 😊

  2. I love a bit of 1950s science fiction. I'm not sure I've seen this film, though. The posters are fantastic! xxx

    1. Aren't they wonderful! They'd be a great thing to collect. I love the film titles too, you can spot them a mile off xxx

  3. They look a bit like the Judoon!!! I must say, am not really find of films like this.I find them a bit scary.Xx

  4. I love sci-fi from the Fifties. Each age reveals what it's scared of and these flicks show that. Fifties America had certain anxieties which these movies display. Nice post!


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