Saturday, 21 February 2015

Style Inspiration: Missy

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration". 


Before I begin ...
I was skimming through the photos I had taken for this post when I spotted something. "Wait a minute!" says I, "Monty Python moment!" and after showing Andy he persuaded me to do this little gif animation.

I then went to youtube and found a video of a man playing the honky tonk classic 'Roll Out The Barrell' on the piano and then started playing this GIF* at the same time ..... I am so easily amused! Maybe you are too, so go here to listen.

Can you believe that I left the spot I took these pictures on, came back inside to reset the camera and then managed to stand in the exact same spot on my return? 


But anyway, what about the main point of this post - Missy!

I haven't done one of these in an age, so as I have been pondering this one for a while, I took the plunge so I could have a go at Missy, the Time Lady from Gallifrey.

Oh Missy, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Mad as a dog in a bungalow ...

With exquisite taste in clothes ...

And hats and boots ...

And Doctors ...

Oh and then there's the chance for a cuppa. How civilised ...


Oh I do love her, she's fabulous but it was inevitable that I would as I loved Michelle Gomez in Green Wing.


Now, Missy's look is screamingly Edwardian, her entire outfit is sublime and how I would love such an ensemble of clothing! I would adore such, but my wardrobe holds not much in the way of Edwardian. I made a skirt once which is packed away and that's about it. 

I was very aware that my William Hartnell style inspiration outfit would be right up Missy's street, in fact someone on Pinterest named Missy (how strange) pinned that outfit of mine and said something along the lines of "This is so something I would wear". Oh that it was THIS Missy ......

So, I went for an air of Missyness, for fear of ending up repeating that aforementioned Hartnell outfit. I could wear that skirt again and the same jacket, or I could dig out the top half of my Victorian dress. I could surely find something that would do, as this isn't style replicating, it's style inspiration.

Then there's the hat. The funny thing is, Missy's hat is all but identical bar the cherries, to the hat I purchased, then went at with florist wire, black cotton and oodles and oodles and ooooooodles of trim and feathers for my Victorian outing, but I am sure she would like that hat too, as it's wonderful, even if I do say so myself. The hat when I got it was similar yes, but obviously my manipulation of the brim and ultimately very sore sewing fingers led it down a different path entirely.

This is my take.

I wore my Victorian hat and a brooch (which granted does not match) which belonged to Andy's late aunt Dorothy. I had trouble pinning it high enough as the pin flat refused to go through any thicker parts of the shirt. I also wore a pair of red jade earrings that I made myself.

I wore my recently retired white ruffle front shirt. I love it and Andy loves it but it's made of very thin white Indian cotton and is starting to tear at the sleeve seams so I have retired it.

I also wore a black lace belt, one of my new circle skirts with red organdy petticoat and my black boots as my brown ones which are more of a Missy statement are looking sorry for themselves and there may or may not be a spider living inside one of them.

Even if I do say so myself, my hair is looking very lovely today (said à la Danny from Withnail and I). 

Also, my hat is very dusty despite dwelling in a hat box.

And then came the outside shots taken with the help of a tripod as there was no one to take my picture for me. I ended up darting back inside each time I thought I heard someone coming!

Roll out the barrell, we'll have a barrell of fun ........

Pesky shirt gape.

roll out the barrell, we've got the blues on the run .......

                                                    So that's my take on Missy. I had fun.

* thanks for the link Kezzie!

I can't get Roll Out The Barrell sung in an overblown cockney accent out of my head ...... earworm!  

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  1. Oh my!!!!!! My cup, it runneth over with joy!!! That is a brilliant outfit!! The shirt and skittles are beautiful as is the brooch. Sadly I used to have a Missy umbrella but it mysteriously went missing. You know I am all about the hat!!! So beautiful and how clever to millinery it yourself (I lack a suitable verb but you know...). Ahem, TARDIS Tuesday link. Where is it??? And you have to go and link it up!! Sorry, on my phone, can't tell if link of not!.

    Love it!!!!!! X

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I should have used my parasol, I missed a trick there! This was so much fun, I might give another Missy a go when I find a few key items that i couldn't find when I was picking things out to wear.
      I added the link, completely forgot that the first time xxx

  2. I don't watch Dr Who so I haven't seen that gorgeous woman. I'm not surprised you're inspired, she's enough to make me want to watch the show.
    Love your interpretation, that outfit looks stunning on you and your hair is just beautiful! xxx

    1. Isn't she wonderful, I love her. When she popped up on screen I was ovejoyed! She was my favourite part of Green Wing too.
      And thank you xxx

  3. We're a non-Who household, so I can't say I know anything about the character of Missy, but I can see that you look great, what a cute hat (dust and all!) xxx

  4. This is positively BRILLIANT! What a way to start my Saturday! I love everything about it - the hat! the brooch! the swirly skirt! - but the piece de resistance is that ruffly, ruffly blouse. It's all perfection and you look amazing! Thanks for linking up and I hope to see more iterations from you in the weeks to come. :D

  5. That's great fun! I must admit, I wasn't struck with Missy in the show (*that* villain, again?) but she has a great look, and you've pulled it off brilliantly.

  6. Fantastic ensemble! I love last element, very much including the fabulous hat, which has me going positively weak in the knees (I've always been wild for any Victorian through mid-20th century equestrian related styles such as this feather and ribbon trimmed stunner).

    ♥ Jessica


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