Friday, 30 May 2014

Style Inspiration: Norma Bates

Firstly, Andy says thank you for the happy birthday wishes ...

... Andy doesn't however have much of an opinion on Bates Motel which is something I really enjoy watching. Alone. 

I was drawn to it initially because I was a fan of Psycho but now I love it because I have fallen for the character of Norma Bates. I adore her.

She's beautiful for one ...

And she wears the most incredible clothes. Many a time I have gasped and then rewound to have another long look at her outfit. The costume designer had this to say - "I wanted to create a kind of timeless progression of Norma’s style, taken from the '30s, '40s, '50s and '60’s, a melting pot of all these periods..."

"She is such an amazing female character. She expresses herself totally without self-consciousness. Sometimes she thinks she is Marilyn Monroe or Florence Nightingale or Audrey Hepburn. My goal was to express all these sides of her..."

"Norma always sees herself as very glamorous.”

And she is indeed very glamourous.

Isn't this outfit simply glorious ...

This too is so beautiful ...

I even like her skirt and blouse combinations.

Isn't she elegant?


She also has a nice line in pinnies

And she drives a gorgeous 1972 Mercedes ...

Norma often wears wedges with her outfits, seen in the above picture. Now that my red ballet flats have a proper hole in the sole, I went looking for new shoes. I found some lovely wedges in a sale, so ordered two pairs, one black and one white. Unfortunately though, they had to be returned as I have very narrow feet and they wouldn't even stay on my feet, I was traipsing around the place seeing if they were comfy and they were falling off my feet. Hey ho. No new shoes for me.


  1. Oh yes, she's got a gorgeous style! What a shame about your wedges. I have narrow feet too and I find I just step out of many shoes too!x

  2. I'm with you. I was attracted to the show because I love Vera from her work in indie art-films and the Norma character is interesting. And well-dressed.

  3. I hadn't heard of this programme Melanie, but it looks interesting. Me and Pat are finally catching up with Sons of Anarchy, and want to watch Breaking Bad too because so many people have said it's brilliant, but this sounds a good series to add to the list. I don't like to find out too much before I watch or read anything, so will have to keep this a mystery for myself until I get a chance to watch it. xx


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