Monday, 24 March 2014

Lily St Regis and Strawberries

I am eagerly awaiting a delivery and can't wait to show it off to you when it arrives! Isn't it wonderful when you know the postman is going to knock on your door any day now with pretty things. But for now ... outfit of the day and some 1930's love. 

Vintage Hair Scarf: Gift from Curtise
Earrings: Christmas gift
Top: retail
Black lace belt: ebay
Strawberry Skirt: Made by me
Petticoat: ebay
Ballet pumps: retail



Following the Miss Hannigan love, I thought Rooster's lady Lily, petty thief that she is, deserved a mention as I also had some screen captures of her ... Bernadette Peters by the way, is someone I have been compared to in the past.

Tee hee, love this picture!


  1. Love that strawberry print, so pretty. Hmm, so what is coming in the post that's got you all excited?! xxx

  2. Oooh what is it???
    The strawberries are truly cute! Yes, you do look like her!!!! X

  3. Very pretty skirt and great scarf from Curtise. Dying to see what you're expecting in the post! x

  4. Best skirt ever! I loved Rooster and Lily in Annie!!

  5. What was in the post? I MUST KNO!

    Lady Lily has a splendid hat.


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