Saturday, 3 August 2013

Swoon on a Saturday: Robert Mitchum

Robert Charles Durman Mitchum 
Born: August 6, 1917, Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Died: July 1, 1997, Santa Barbara, California, United States
Height: 6ft 1"


I've been thinking about Robert Mitchum a lot recently. I would like 'Cape Fear' on DVD but it seems you can't readily get the original version by itself on region 2, you have to get the original AND the remake. I don't want the remake. I wouldn't mind seeing it but I would rather just have the original thank you very much. I know I'm going to crumble and end up with both at some point so my protests are flimsy.

So yes, Robert Mitchum. 
Effortlessly cool. 
I was saying to Andy last night that James Dean was undoubtedly, undeniably cool but although I am smitten with James Dean, Mitchum has the edge.
He's also got those sleepy eyes and is tall. Not that tall, granted, but he's the other side of six foot, even if just a smidgen.
If I watch any of his films, I am immediately drawn in, he has an indescribable something. All through Cape Fear I was rooting for him. I know, I know, it didn't help that he was starring along side Gregory Peck who does nothing for me whatsoever and Oh I found Peck annoying in this film.
He even makes me want to watch westerns and that is a genre in which I get bored easily.

The imdb has this to say -
"Underrated American leading man of enormous ability who sublimates his talents beneath an air of disinterest."

So here's to Mr. Mitchum.


  1. Well I've gone blank and can't think what I've seen him in now, but Cape Fear isn't one I've seen. He's always recognizable though! In these pics he reminds me of Dean Martin a bit.
    Bunny pics have been delayed, I should be posting them soon!

    1. Oh do try and see Cape Fear, it's wonderful. Yes, he does have a look of Dean Martin, you're right.
      I am so looking forward to seeing your bunny pictures xxx


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