Saturday, 16 February 2013

Swoon on a Saturday: Blue Velvet

Bit of an odd one this .. those Blue Velvet boys! 
You might very well have to have a 'thing' for Lynchian characters for this one, granted .. 

Dennis Hopper
Frank scares meeeeeeee! More than Dennis Hopper. But also intrigues me. Then scares me. And so begins a never ending circle of confusion.

Dean Stockwell
Odd, maybe, but oh Ben. Suave, softly spoken Ben. Ben who Frank seems to hold in high esteem. Suddenly scary Ben. Smooth as silk Ben. Slinky Ben. Graceful Ben.
Can you tell I like Ben?

Kyle Maclachlan
I just don't understand the attraction for Kyle, but I know there are those who do, so here he is.


  1. It's been years since I watched Blue Velvet. It's Dennis Hopper all the way for me, love him in everything but especially Easy Rider, one of the best films ever! x

    1. Oh Easy Rider is wonderful, though I haven't been able to watch it more than once as I'm a sensitive so and so and even thinking of the end upsets me. I always think of Dennis Hopper in that as not being Dennis Hopper yet!

  2. I haven't seen Blue Velvet in ages either, I remember finding it pretty disturbing but mesmerising, like most David Lynch films. xxx

    1. I too watched Blue Velvet with a mix of horror and fascination but it's the only of his films that I have managed to watch right through xxx

  3. I like all of them but Frank did terrify me in this film, though I'm a big fan of Dennis Hopper. I always had a thing for Dean Stockwell, in my head I always link him with Brad Dourif. They remind me of each other, though it seemed weird when he did that series that I can't remember the name of, with the man who ended up in Star Trek, where he kept inhabiting different people's bodies and Dean Stockwell was his guide through it all? What was that called I wonder? I loved Twin Peaks too so Kyle McLachlan appealed to me because of that as well as this film. xx

    1. You say you always link Den with Brad Dourif, I do the same with Rhys Ifans and Peter Cook and when it comes to Dudley Moore, I really have to think to detach him from Dustin Hoffman in my mind!
      That series was Quantum Leap, both Andy and myself have watched dozens and dozens of episodes of that, as they repeat it fairly often. It's one of my favourites, though too expensive to buy on DVD.
      I could never get along with Twin Peaks, though I did try my best.


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