Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What I Wore: Pink and Lilac

Regarding those annoying bloomers I can't seem to make, thank you for your feedback. I probably will go to the shop in town, even though it isn't your standard haberdashery type shop like Fabric Land, it's rather geared toward lessons.

I was in Fabric Land earlier in the week as I had intended on buying some border print fabric and I thought I would maybe ask for bloomer advice there, so I took my pattern along with the pattern pieces.
Off we went to Portsmouth, well I was in the main part of the city and Andy collected me when I had finished. I had a quick scan of the shelves to no avail, so asked and was told all the shops had sold out of the particular fabric I wanted. Phooey. So, I was running to a tight schedule and was suddenly unprepared and had to pick quickly. 
I rushed around, scanning fabric bolts, weighing them up in my mind, thinking what would 
look nice, debating floral fabric after floral before deciding that pretty subtle floral fabrics was not the thing I wanted and I ended up lugging a navy novelty print featuring red polka dot teapots to the counter.
I then realised I was even more unprepared than I had thought, as I had read the pattern ingredients wrong and needed more than I had thought. By this time, I was very aware that Andy would be collecting me soon and I had to pay and get out.
So pay I did and out I went. I was waiting for Andy, when a woman approached wearing a sloppy t-shirt, leggings and flip flops. She stood literally two foot from me, where she eyed me straight up and down before she fixed her eyes on me and absolutely glared at me. This is why I get anxious going to Portsmouth. What was I wearing? An original 1950's dress.

What I was not wearing was the following ... I am running very behind on showing outfits I have worn, being that I do one outfit post a week, so I have oodles ready to go.

Hairband - retail

Faux Vintage Pearls -nan me down

Pink three quarter sleeve blouse - retail

Pink lace belt - eBay

Pink and lilac skirt - handmade by me

White Organdy Petticoat- eBay

Black Wedge Sandals - retail

I've had this blouse for absolutely years, I love it. I can't recall where I got it from now, but it's a lovely fit and so comfy.
I got another three quarter sleeve blouse in recent years but it isn't anywhere near as comfy.In fact it's rather annoying and always has a layer of bunny fur on it, even if just out of the wash.

The skirt I made myself, also years ago now.
I recently hacked the bottom few inches off as it was too long. 

The sunglasses are prescription ones and identical to my everyday glasses.
People always seem to like them, but oddly no one ever says a word about my normal glasses.

Glimpse of my bird table. I don't know for sure the full range of feathered ones
who use it, though I know for a fact that wood pigeons do, as when I went out to
 the car the other day, I spooked one who in turn gave me the fright of my life.  I have also seen magpies use it - huzzah! And I saw a blackbird loitering round it once, so I'm sure they do too.

Do you feed the birds?
I hope so.