Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How Come It Never Rains, It Only Pours

Reasons To Go AWOL … one, two, three.

Bob fell gravely ill the day following our wedding anniversary. For two weeks we were back and forth to vets (including emergency vets) and he spent two days in intensive care. He is well now which I am eternally thankful for, we were beyond worried. I was then diagnosed with a thyroid problem which made me ridiculously tired and unable to do even the simplest thing and then I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis (again); walking into door frames is always fun …..

It doesn't rain but it pours, eh.

I did have luck of another sort though. I can recall the last time I had any luck in charity shops, it was the day I found a carnival glass bowl. I frequently go in the ones in town for a nosy, but have had no luck clothes/accessories wise since the Handbag Saturday of the late nineties when I came home with four vintage handbags. The ones here are very expensive and the clothes are not even remotely vintage. 

However, on a trip across the Solent to the Isle of Wight, we popped into some charity shops. The first had nothing interesting on offer whatsoever, unless you count sundae dishes, but I have nowhere left to store any fragile pretties in the kitchen. The second, I walked in, glanced to my left (as I always check scarves if nothing else) and spotted not one, not two, but three of the chiffon hair scarves I wear daily. Three! Lilac, yellow and a faded lilac/blue checkered one which is remarkably subtle and so pretty. I gleefully plucked them down from where they hung. As I was turning away, I spotted on the floor a fourth! In white! I have long hankered after a white one. 

As I was moving away I then spotted a very lovely handbag on a shelf, sat amongst all the boring modern bags. I peeked inside to see the Ackery of London label, which didn't sway my decision to buy as I had already laid claim to it. 

Glancing above said bag display I then found a pair of vintage gloves! 

I hastened to the till and parted with £13.75. Made out like a bandit, as an old friend would say. I believe they had only just come in, as the elderly lady who served me said I'd beat her to the scarves and she commented on how hard they were to find these days. Don't I know it! I endlessly look but never find.

A few days later, in town, our town that is, Andy found himself a vintage (pork pie) hat for £5; he's been looking for the perfect one for a while now. 

As we left and were walking back to the car, I spotted a fab pair of boots in the window of the shop we had just left and back inside we went, where Andy manoeuvred himself into the window display to snap them up. Turns out they were vintage Marks & Spencer, fit perfectly and were £10. 

As he was faffing about with those, I found a newish mens waistcoat for £5. 

The whole lot only set him back £20 which is surprising really considering how expensive things are here (I have seen dresses priced higher than the item would be in a sale in the shop it came from which about sums up the shops around here). I also saw a lovely sewing box in the window but I base every furniture decision on having a bunny running amok indoors and I knew he would just gnaw at it and besides, no floor room to house said box. This made Melanie sad as my sewing paraphernalia is scattered hither and yonder about the place. 

So that's my news, I shall try and do a post on our adventures on the Isle of Wight next xxx