Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Do people still use the word Oriental?
Or is that a bit of language long since discarded from the olden days?


Pink Vintage hair scarf - gift from Curtise 
Diamante hair grip - gift
Faux vintage rainbow pearls - Kinky Melon
Oriental print top - retail
Black circle skirt - Lindy Bop
White Organdy Petticoat- eBay
Black wedge sandals - retail


 Another top from the olden days which is also a bit tight.
Not as tight as Marie Antoinette but harder to get into but thankfully not as delicate.

Wearing my lovely rainbow pearls again.

I don't think this top is so snug that it looks bad ...

It's just a bit panicky getting in and out.
Getting trapped in a top is a fearful thing!