Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Folly Bird Goes To Wales Pt1

Back on August 8th, Andy suggested that the following day we go on a day trip to Wales, so we did just that. It was a long, long drive as we had decided to avoid the in-going tolls at the Severn Bridge.

We got hideously lost, there was a huge argument and we finally got to Wales in the afternoon, after leaving early that morning.

For a while we were asking the same question over and again.

"Are we in Wales yet?"

"Surely we should be in Wales by now."

"Is that Wales?"

"Why are there no Welcome to Wales signs if this IS Wales?"

"I will not be satisfied until I see a Welcome to Wales sign with a dragon on it."

... and on and on it went.

Then ...

So on we drove, destination Tintern. We encountered a nasty accident involving a car and a cyclist right outside the abbey which shook me up a little and I worried about that poor cyclist for the rest of the day and the whole of the next week.

You can see my odd gift earrings that the brother in law and his girlfriend got me when they went to Madeira. They're squashed coffee pods adorned with bunnies. I am also wearing the scarf lovely Kezzie gave me and the bunny locket my sister got me last birthday.

Down in the valley ....

And to prove I was actually in Wales and not a random ruin somewhere in England, proof! Welsh car park sign!