Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Of Petticoats and Pretty Things

I am partial to a petticoat. I have four at present. The white one I had when I was fourteen which I added extra netting to as it had completely lost all oomph. My day to day one and two organdy ones, one red and one white. My day to day one which I purchased in 2010 or thereabouts is looking so sorry now, it's lost the crisp whiteness and has exactly no oomph left. It's also coming apart at the seams which makes it fall below my skirt hem and oh this irritates Andy, he doesn't even like me to answer the door like it! I only still wear it as it stops my skirts sticking to my legs. I never wear it out, unless it's to take the bins to the kerb or to feed the birds, I wear my organdy ones out. Organdy is lovely, but not in the summer and once they lose their oomph, there's nothing I know of that will get it back.

I have long coveted a white cotton petticoat which I can starch and as is my way, I will not settle for less once I have set my eyes on The One. And like Nick Frost has my hat, so did I see my coveted petticoat, but at £45 I was destined just to covet it. No, Nick Frost was not wearing it, I saw it on a blog a while ago and then promptly forgot where it was. I finally tracked it down to see I was days away from a sale ending.

I pounced and the deed was done.

I didn't exactly forget about it, I just was expecting it at the latter end of the week so when the doorbell rang on the Tuesday and the postie handed me a parcel, I was pleasantly surprised. After a quick happy dance around the living room, I carefully opened the packaging and slipped out my new petticoat. Oh my goodness, this prompted another happy dance and I ran for my camera as it was wrapped up so prettily! I was so enthralled by this that I didn't even unwrap it after photographing it, I left it to show Andy ... how's that for willpower? I doubted he'd be as impressed as I was, seeing a prettily wrapped petticoat, but I like to share pretty things so I waited. I purposely left it on the bed: out of sight, out of mind.

Finally, once Andy was home, I was free to unwrap it properly ... it was so pretty.

I wasn't expecting there to be  more prettiness going on under the hem of the top skirt but there was ...

And it has lace too.

Yes, I could have made my own but there is something very special about having one ready made without bunny nibbles to the hem (this happens often, Bob comes to chew investigate what I'm doing, which is why I speed sew). I don't often have new clothes, I usually make do with what I already have, be it falling apart or not. It wasn't an 'it'll do' item, or something I desperately needed, as it could be argued I didn't need a petticoat but it's a rare treat for me to get something so lovely ready made for me. Besides, my sewing machine is still not working, I'm THIS close to breaking out the hand crank Singer.

I may not have been sewing but I have been jewellery making. Not vintage per se, but they are real gemstones, so that counts as vintage as they are from a very old source :) I broke down some pieces I never wear which increased my gemstone stash enormously and felt very inspired in doing so. I like simple jewellery so the gemstones can speak for themselves. Nature did such a lovely job, why complicate matters?

I made earrings and a necklace from coloured jade with sterling silver findings to wear on Friday (it's my birthday on Friday! Yay!) ...

I made a clear quartz bracelet with sterling silver findings. The beads look like ice chips ...

And I made a necklace of Imperial Jasper with sterling silver findings and sterling silver beads ...

I also made myself some (temporary) earring storage ... I used a 1970's Mothercare babies clothes hanger and some organza ribbon. The earrings look somewhat precarious, but hey ho. I love these hangers and am lucky enough to have three.