Monday, 25 September 2017

National Treasures: Petworth House

And today ... Petworth House itself.

Petworth, at least the parts the public are allowed to see, or in our case, as the bedroom tour was fully booked, what we could see was nothing like a house house. It's more like a museum and art gallery, which I really wasn't expecting.
It seemed to be more about what they had and owned, than being a house with fine furnishings. I can't figure out where they relaxed, unless it's dramatically changed, which I can't imagine the National Trust doing. Maybe the living quarters are upstairs, I just don't know.

It's certainly grand, but not in the least bit homely.

I might have taken my shoes off to feel the cool marble underfoot.
I rather liked this room, empty as it was.

The Grand Staircase certainly lived up to its name, it was astonishingly beautiful.
Orb! Orb!
I am not one of those who thinks orbs are ghosts by the way.

I cannot express just how much I love the light fixtures on the banisters, reminds me so much of my all time favourite house, The Bates House.

This room was full of ornate and intricate wood carvings.

I loved the worried look on the dogs face!

Hehe, we look like that painting, American Gothic!

This part of the house really was like an art gallery.
"He looks very pleased with himself," I commented to Andy.
"Don't know why," Andy replied, glancing over and then moving on.


I really liked this painting, which I assume depicts the princes in the tower.

The glorious chapel. It was stunning.

I rather liked the view up in this random corridor outside of the chapel.

We also saw the ice house, which is underneath where those little toy ride along fire engines were in my previous Petworth post. But, it was crowded and I couldn't get my camera out. I'll tell you something though, trying to get down the steps with vertigo, was an experience!

We also went on the tunnels tour, which was really interesting, but the fact that they brought donkeys down there daily, to walk in endless circles to turn a wheel to pump water up from the ground to make a hydraulic lift work, made me sad. They also kept a small child down there to prod the donkey when it fell asleep :(

There were also bats. In the UK there are seventeen species of bat and fourteen are found at Petworth. And like the deer, we didn't see the bats either.