Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wardrobe Wednesday: Mary Ellen and The Joker

Another of my Lindy Bop sale dresses. This is the mint Mary Ellen.

I was initially drawn to it because of the colour, I don't have much green in my wardrobe and as I was doing as Andy suggested and choosing different things to what I would ordinarily pick, a green dress fit the bill.

The polka dots were just an added bonus.

It's made from a very floaty fabric but it also hangs really nicely and I feel light as a feather wearing it. I like swooshing about with petticoats underneath, it makes a wonderful sound.

This photo makes me giggle. Look at the sticker on the back of the van.

We took these when we went to collect Meirionwen, so I jumped at the chance to get some shots. I like pairing my pretty dresses with the more industrial/mechanical backgrounds.

~ ~ ~

I'm feeling a bit rotten today, I haven't slept well in what seems like forever and I have a really scratchy throat. Also, I have a hospital appointment in the morning which I'm nervous about.

I've been distracting myself watching Gotham (no spoilers please, we haven't seen the last two episodes) and Batman films. I'm not one for superheroes, but I like the anti hero: Batman is my favourite, the best villains can be found there I think.

I've been debating my favourite villian and it has to be The Joker. I love Jack Nicholson's turn in the 1989 version

and Heath ledger was wonderful ...

... and I am pretty sure Gotham's Jerome is a hefty nod in his direction. I did wonder if he was The Joker, but that was Jack Napier. I am ever hopeful though :)

And no, I haven't forgotten the original series of Batman, I just am not over fond of that.

So, do you like Batman? Or as we call him, The Batmun.

Do you have a favourite villain?