Monday, 19 February 2018

Valentines Gifts

Andy's gift to me for Valentine's Day was a stunning peignoir set.
Aren't I a lucky girl.
These are the seller photos ...

It isn't actually as pale as these pictures suggest, it's darker and the lace is more of a magenta:

Also, a red rose:

And YarnTree was all decorated for the day too.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Swing Out Sister

I have a new to me coat. It cost me £8.
It has vivid purple lining, fabulous buttons, blouson sleeves, a back pleat and wears like a swing coat.
It is in fact a good three sizes too big for me, but as I said, wears like a swing coat so it's fine by me. I fell for it and had tried it on before I even saw the size.

I found it in a shop which sells vintage, vintage appropriate and vintage repro and was only in there in the first place after Andy, who got me a velvet Collectif dress for my birthday from said shop, followed it up with a mustard coloured jacket (vintage appropriate) which was sadly one size too big, so we went there to exchange it.

It was there that I found a little haul of £3 a piece nightwear (coming soon).
This vintage appropriate coat was hanging on the sale rail and I was intrigued enough to try it on.
Unfortunately one of these fantastic buttons was missing ...

Andy suggested moving buttons around and to fasten the top with a brooch. I wore it the once without a shift around then once home and unfastening said buttons, the top one fell off, making it rather convenient to move said button down to where the missing one had been and to use a lovely purple stoned brooch to not fasten it, but to use as a button.

Have I said button enough times?

What I Wore:

Fake Fur Hat: Charity Shop
Scarf: Gift from Mim
Jacket: Vintage Shop
Skirt: Lindy Bop
Boots: Retail

In other news, my glasses are back at the optician. I have had problems with the new lenses since September last year and after they insisted they were right, I was wrong, the lenses were correct and I was apparently in denial about needing different lenses, I meekly backed down and stewed over the fact that I cannot see properly.

I finally went to another optician this week who checked them over and found they WERE wrong.
They even rang my optician to tell them so.

So I went back yesterday and complained again. After a bit of dismissive comment and a lot of "I don't know WHAT they were doing" about the second opinion optician, the man checked them again, just to shut me up I think, and after another person there also checked them, I and the other optician were found to be correct.

Crikey, that was a big old palaver I must say. So now I'm wearing glasses with my old prescription, while my glasses are (hopefully) sorted out.