Tuesday, 3 March 2015

On The Street Where I Live

I had a hospital appointment recently, so to take my mind off of this, I thought I'd take my camera with me so I could show you some pictures of the town where I live.

It was such a lovely frosty morning too. I walked along the river. Sometimes I'll see ducks, once I saw a heron and I also saw a jay. Andy said he saw the blur of a kingfisher one time.

I crossed the road and cut along by the vet and passed the police station.


There's the church which faces out onto the square.

I cut through the alleyway avoiding the main part of town and the square.
Isn't this part pretty. I bet the house prices are through the roof.

I then took a right and popped into the local hospital.

Hospital appointment over and out I came. I felt a little blue by this point as the doctor confirmed I would in fact have to go into hospital. I'm all booked in for two weeks time.

I did get a few pictures on my way home though. Look, we have a poor house in town. Bet this isn't cheap to live in either; is that irony?


Back along the river.


No trolls under this bridge.

Arrived home and spotted this little beauty of a chaffinch in a tree. Look at the little perfect, precious face :)

And that was that.

In bunny news, they are now free, causing mayhem, getting everywhere and into everything, jumping on the furniture and escaping the living room and getting accidentally shut out in the hall. 

You now need eyes in the back of your head as knowing where Bob is just isn't enough, now we need to know where Belle is and as she's adventurous, she could be anywhere. I found her under a chest of drawers in the bedroom once. To get there she needs to escape the living room, get into the hall, nudge the bedroom door open and go right round the bed to get to the chest of drawers. Doesn't sound far I know, but we moved here in 2012 and still Bob who has been here that whole time will be dinosaur ears ahoy (ears forward like the horns of a Triceratops) as he shuffles cautiously along, skittish with each step, while Belle is, "Right, I'm going!" and she will dart off with no hesitation, out the living room door to push open the bedroom door if it's ajar and she's exploring before we even know she's gone and the bedroom is where all the nice furniture is, the things we don't want chewed.


Yesterday I found her on top of the laundry basket and inside the dustbin. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend x