Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Snowdrop Church

Only today have I got round to taking all the photos off my camera, but better late than never wouldn't you say.

Not so far from here is a church, The Church of Our Lady, to be exact, but it is known locally as The Snowdrop Church and we knew we had to pay it a visit when the snowdrops started to bloom outside of our kitchen window.

A taste of things to come.

Right behind the church is a sweet little ruin, that of St John’s house. It was built in 1210 by the St John family and is a rare example of a 13th century hall, unique in the South of England.

Copperplate graffiti!

To the left of this bridge was the site of an Elizabethan mansion which was built to replace the old hall which first became a barn and then a pretty ruin when the estate was landscaped by Capability Brown around 1760. 

You can still see smatterings of the old garden, but unfortunately this time we visited, the gate was locked so I couldn't get more pictures than this. There's a short set of steps tucked in the undergrowth, which I took pictures of previously.

The place was all but deserted, as we went mid week so we had the place to ourselves which was nice. The place is covered in snowdrops and so, so beautiful. Photos don't do it justice.

There is a fascinating gravestone under a holly tree in the church yard.

The inside of the church is just beautiful.

I always love these prayer cushions.

I was wondering if this was a grave of a Knights Templar knight ...